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Pen Parentis provides critical resources to working writers to help them stay on creative track after starting a family.​


We build and support in-person and online communities of authors who are also parents to encourage production of new, high-quality written work, and offer individual aid to writers whenever possible. We believe in extending our reach through partnerships with organizations who host activities that support creative writing.


We are headquartered in New York City but our reach is global through our networking website and social media channels, all of which feature unique parenting-and-writing resources.

Mother and Child

Our Vision

Every writer should be encouraged to thrive and should be able to find a supportive arts community to help them stay on creative track.

We recognize that in many instances, parenthood is viewed as a handicap to an artistic career. We hope to see a world in which all writers are are afforded an equal chance – a world where the needs of parents are addressed as a matter of course when creating an arts-forward service program, as they will ultimately be in every career path.

PEN PARENTIS is a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit literary organization registered in the State of New York.

Since 2009, Pen Parentis has been providing audience-building performance opportunities and other resources to working writers who are also parents.

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